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Video Production for Government

Create video production to share important messages!

Governmental organisations and district councils across the UK make up a large portion of our client base and we have built up a significant back catalogue of work which falls under this umbrella. Key to these projects has been the highly professional manner in which we work with public sector organisations and also the keen understanding that we have about how these organisations want to talk to their end users (typically but not always, members of the public).

Our work in this sphere has traditionally taken the shape of public facing campaigns which deal with local and national issues such as local council housing needs, environmental initiatives, road infrastructure implementations, local policing issues, national heritage campaigns and often seasonal events such as christmas carnivals, summer festivals and halloween events and displays.

We have a clear vision for how video can be integral to the operations of governmental organisations and how local councils speak to the public in order to improve society as a whole and the lives of the individuals who make up our communities.

Our approach with these projects is always to focus on the viewer first and foremost. The key is that we reach the largest possible audience (we look at the best output be it Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc) and also that we package the message in a way that will hold the viewer’s attention and ensure that they engage with the content in a meaningful way. This involves making sure that the video duration and storytelling approach used  is audience appropriate taking into considerations things like age, socio-economic factors, location, language spoken etc.

Key to many of these videos is accessibility and we offer services such as subtitling, audio description, sign language and multilingual dubbing to ensure that no viewer is isolated or excluded from any production that we produce.

Our video production team is committed to creating impactful content that serves a higher purpose. With years of experience in producing videos for government agencies, nonprofits, and community organisations, we understand the unique needs and responsibilities of public service initiatives across the UK. Our expertise in storytelling and visual communication allows us to convey important messages effectively and accurately. Whether it’s raising awareness for social issues, promoting community programs, or indeed delivering critical information to the public, our public service video production services are tailored to inspire action and positive change. Trust us to bring your public service vision to life with compelling and purpose-driven video content that resonates strongly with your target audience.

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