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Animated Video Production – Whiteboard, Explainer, 2d Animation, Motion Graphics

Animated Video Production - Cardiff, Wales

Create dynamic corporate videos for your company!

Animated videos are the perfect way to deliver a message that is not best served by live action filming. They let you present your product or service to the end user in a way that can be visually stunning, highly bespoke and specifically curated to the exact requirements of your story. The added bonus of an animated video is that it can be presented with your brand at its core using existing colour schemes, logos and graphics to provide a highly cohesive video which will impress alongside the other client-facing aspects of your business or organisation.

Our process is highly organised when it comes to producing animation and we use a methodical approach to scripting in order to make your video come alive on the page before it is realised on the screen. We work with you to establish the exact message and the visual look that you would like to achieve. This process unfolds by studying references and completing a test portion of the video (typically 10 to 15 seconds). From there we proceed into production using our team of in house animators whose only goal is to make a video which meets your demands.

Animated videos can be realised in a number of different styles from character driven narratives to text heavy presentations. Explainer or white board videos are central to much of our work and voiceover is often an integral component of the animated videos that we deliver.

If you want to make an explainer video, whiteboard video, character animation or text based presentation then look no further and contact VideoWorks Cardiff at info@videoworks-cardiff.co.uk



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