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Educational Video Production - Cardiff, Wales

Video As A Fantastic Education Tool

VideoWorks Cardiff are excited to work with clients from the world of education and projects in this sphere come in many different shapes and sizes. Home learning has never been more popular and whilst in person learning is still the norm, digital delivery of classes and courses is now a very feasible option for schools, universities and training agencies. Our work in the area of education traditionally falls into the following three categories.


Online Courses

We can work with you to put your course or class online so that users can access all that you have to offer from home. These videos can include lecturers/teachers delivering a course with the associated slides and learning aids incorporated into the production. Other aspects such as field work, panel discussions and animated or graphical illustrations can also be integrated into these videos. We work with you to publish the finished videos to mainstream platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and also bespoke learning platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable and Moodle


Video Prospectus

VideoWorks Cardiff offers a video prospectus production service for your school, college or university which showcases the best of what you have to offer. These videos can include interviews with staff and students, aerial shots of all that the campus has to offer, footage of an exciting learning environment and details of the different courses and faculties available. These videos are now a must have for any educational institution who wish to target the next generation of learners.


Virtual Open Day

Prospective students are not always available to attend open days in person especially when many of them are based abroad. A video offering to provide a virtual version of your open day is a great way to speak to prospective students who can not physically visit the campus. These videos can provide a full tour of the campus along with commentary from staff and students to give a highly engaging insight into your institution. Often these videos form part of a livestream event (which VideoWorks Cardiff can provide) to create a live open day experience to anyone no matter where they are in the world.

Our educational and training video production services are designed to provide great content for organisations and institutions seeking to enhance their learning offering. Our team of skilled videographers and editors collaborate closely with clients to develop engaging and informative videos. Whether you need e-learning modules, instructional videos, or training webinars, our expertise in educational video production ensures that your content is not only visually compelling but also effective and accurate. We understand the importance of clear communication, interactive elements, and high production values in creating educational materials that engage, instruct, and inspire. If you’re looking for a video production company, trust us to transform your training materials into captivating, educational resources that empower your audience to learn and grow.


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