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Product Video Production – Cardiff, Wales

Product Video Production - Cardiff, Wales

Create dynamic product video to convince customers to buy!

Often specific campaigns and projects are years in development amongst a small team of in-house staff but when it comes to releasing them to a wider audience video is the natural way to make it happen. Highly crafted short videos can get a specific message across in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds) providing an effective, efficient and impactful way to launch your newest campaign or project.

At VideoWorks Cardiff we are constantly collaborating with clients to bring their latest project to a particular target audience. You are the expert when it comes to the content of your message but we can help take this message and deliver it in an engaging way. VideoWorks Cardiff have produced videos for public information campaigns, new product launches, product explainer videos, fundraising campaigns and many other project types.

Like everything we approach, no two videos are ever the same and we look at each project with fresh eyes and an innovative outlook to see how we can maximise audience reach. Using our highly experienced producers, writers and directors we make sure that there is a clear vision for your video before the camera rolls and we arrive at this vision through consultation with you on the content and core message. Often different campaigns have different needs and this informs our proposed approach be it live action filming, animation, graphics generation etc. Often videos that we produce utilise only one of these approaches however sometimes they can be a hybrid of two or more different styles.

We have access to a comprehensive range of talent including camera operators, sound recordists, editors, animators, voiceover artists and composers and we will build a team around your project that ensures your campaign gets what it needs.

If you have a new campaign or project in the pipeline or if you are preparing to launch soon then get in touch and we can get the conversation started. All quotes are provided free or charge and are non-committal so why not drop us a line on info@videoworks-cardiff.co.uk

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