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Corporate Video Production - Cardiff, Wales

Create dynamic corporate videos for your company!

“Corporate videos” have changed a lot over the past number of years and long, boring talking head video presentations are a thing of the past. With video consumption now central to how organisations engage with digitally savvy customers it’s crucial that all company videos are modern, engaging and on brand.

Whether you are a small business, a limited company, a charity or government department you have a brand and this brand needs to be delivered to the end user in the optimum way. Here at VideoWorks Cardiff we have 15 years experience in helping people like you create videos that get your message and brand across with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness.

Company profile videos are the perfect way for you to talk to existing and potential customers in a straightforward and accessible way. These can be presented on the landing page of your website, your youtube channel or on social media pages. They can also be shared digitally via email and also in person at any events or seminars which you may host.

If you get in touch with VideoWorks Cardiff with a view to creating a profile video we will take the time to study your organisation and propose a video production strategy that fits with what you need. Ultimately production will involve our crew spending time with your team to capture visuals of what you do and what you create. These will be supplemented by engaging interviews with management, staff and customers and perhaps also some animated and graphical elements as appropriate. Combining filmed footage in the edit with music and text we will create something that is 100% on brand and on message and we will not sign off on your video until you are completely satisfied with the result. 

If you are in need of a company profile video then get in touch and we will get our thinking caps on to see how we can put your company’s best foot forward.


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