How do I livestream a corporate event?

The recording and streaming of live events is an integral part of how organisations and brands speak to clients, partners, staff and the public. Be it a conference, product activation, awards ceremony or social event live streaming can help your event reach the maximum possible target audience.

There are two primary reasons why people film events.

Live Streaming – Cardiff, Wales


Also described as webcasting or digital broadcasting, demand for this service has skyrocketed since the onset of the global pandemic. Whilst it proved an invaluable tool when real world events with physical attendees were not possible it is now clear that live streaming is here to stay.

Live streaming allows your event to be beamed around the world in real time as it happens and allows for those who can’t make it to the event an opportunity to still attend and be part of the experience and engage with the message that you are delivering. 

A good production company such as VideoWorks will have the capability to livestream your event on virtually any digital platform including large social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and also via tailored live streaming platforms such as streamcast, streamyard, zoom and Microsoft Teams.

There can be a variety of different requirements in this field be it a virtual event only where everything takes place digitally or a more comprehensive physical event where one or more camera operators along with additional technical crew and equipment film and stream the event in a more comprehensive way.

Any live streams that are produced can simultaneously be recorded for sharing after the event (for attendees that can’t make it for the live event). 

Event filming for Promotion in Cardiff, Wales

This has traditionally been the primary reason for a videography service being provided to an event and it is to capture the core message and excitement and colour of an event. Clients want a way to produce a digestible record of the event that they can easily share with the attendees and also potential attendees of future events. Commonly called a highlights video or sizzle clip these videos are traditionally edited to about 2 or 3 minutes and are shared to social media soon after the event takes place. Capturing all aspects of the event from open to close they traditionally showcase the arrival and mingling of attendees, keynote speeches, panel discussions, presentations and performances and any demonstrations that are part of the occasion. Snippets of all of these elements combined with positive and upbeat voxpops can create a short video that will capture, explain and promote events in a way that no amount of pitching and verbal explaining ever will.

For events a good production company such as VideoWorks Cardiff will provide one or two camera operators for the day who are highly experienced in shooting these occasions and will gather highly selective and relevant content across the duration of the event. If required they can deliver exceptionally quick edits so that the highlights video can be shared asap when the event is still fresh in the minds of attendees. Sometimes a same day simultaneous quick edit service can be delivered where a brief highlights video can be presented on the same day at the event itself before the attendees leave.

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