Great Filming Locations In and Near Cardiff for Video Production

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Every year, a large number of film producers visit the United Kingdom whether to make the best flicks or to showcase the country’s natural landscapes in their videos. While many people often view some of the world’s most famous locations, they often have another reason for doing so which is of course, video productions.

Many well-known films and television series were shot in the Cardiff, some by foreign studios and businesses and others by domestic studios and firms. There’s no denying the fact that Cardiff has a plethora of flexible sites for video content of all genres due to its diverse terrain and infrastructure. Many of those films and series have enormous fan followings, and indeed, the movie enthusiasts frequently want to visit those real-life sites where the movies were filmed.

From Blockbuster movies to Hollywood dramas and classic television programs, Cardiff has consistently been one of the UK’s most popular filming destinations. So, let’s discuss the significance of Cardiff in terms of film locations.

History and Background of Cardiff Film Locations

Current social isolation and travel restriction measures have made things difficult for film producers. Evidently, finding new and interesting places to produce blockbusters is now so complicated. Moreover, large crowds at studio tours and uncomfortable indoor temptations are probably not on anyone’s to-do list right now. But did you ever notice that Cardiff has a multitude of studio tours as well as admirable filming locations?

As mentioned above, filmmakers adore the landscapes of Cardiff whether it’s a doomsday scenario or a hero descending by helicopter. Keep in mind that the National Trust possesses around 250 houses for filming, as well as 600 miles of historic coastline, along with the Giant’s Causeway, the White Cliffs of Dover, and 500,000 acres of arable land.

For instance, Hatfield House, West Wycombe Park, Mentmore Towers, and Manchester Town Hall are just a handful of the stately settings that have been on the big screen in recent years. These included the production of the films like Sherlock Holmes, X-Men First Class and Batman Begins! To help you produce an exceptional video, we’ve compiled a list of the best film production locations in Cardiff.

Top Famous Locations to Shoot Videos or Films in Cardiff

  • The National Museum

Cardiff’s most popular filming site is none other than the National Museum which has been appeared in numerous “Sherlock and Doctor Who” episodes. Think of the act in London where Moriarty snips the royal jewels? It wasn’t London, to be sure but of course, Cardiff Castle, to be precise!

  • Castell Coch

It’s a lovely castle that stands well above the community of Tongwynlais and is available to the public. The castle is fascinating to see while the nearby Fforest Fawr has been used as a filming set for several movies, including “Merlin and Da Vinci’s Demons”. A trip to Castell Coch can easily be combined with a visit to the Three Bears Cave.

  • Queen Street

On Queen Street, a major scene involving the Doctor Who was shot. This has to be among the most visible filming sites in Cardiff as the street was filled with fans throughout filming.

  • Mount Stuart Square

Several scenes of “Doctor Who” were shot in this location, whereas the Coal Exchange, a stunning Victorian structure be seen on Mount Stuart Square. It was recently closed in 2013 and was on the verge of being demolished, but due to robust community movement, it was rescued and rebuilt into a luxury resort.

  • Three Bears Cave

The Three Bears Cave is located near Tongwynlais and Castle Coch. This location is frequently used as a filming site for any peculiar cave scenario that occurs in a forest. Moreover, “Merlin, and Sherlock Holmes” had been filmed here.

  • Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant

Known as a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine, Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant has been a hot spot! Sherlock’s season 3 filming location involves a conversation between Charles Augustus Magnussen and Sherlock Holmes, which was shot here. Undeniably, it’s a great place to go for some delectable Italian cuisine, local shows, and events!

  • Park Street and Gloucester Cathedral

Park Street is one of Cardiff’s more modest and well-hidden filming sites. This spot is where the Torchwood squad confronts Abaddon in “End of Days” due to its attractive appearance. On the other hand, Gloucester Cathedral is a magnificent church that has been used as a filming site for Harry Potter films.

  • Puzzlewood

Puzzlewood offered motivation for J.R.R. Tolkien while he was producing Lord of the Rings, in addition to act as a film production site for fantastic films like Merlin and Star Wars. It’s a great spot to shoot the videos and create a safe and interesting setting for everybody.

  • Dunraven Bay

In the community of Southerndown, there is a beautiful public beach that is Dunraven Bay. This would be the location to go if you’re seeking “Galavant-related” set for your videos. Make sure to notice the tide timings before going so you’ll be able to stroll a little more on the coast.

  • Caerphilly Castle

It’s a massive beautiful castle in the heart of Caerphilly. It’s easy to get to Cardiff central city by car or train. The castle is available for film producers as it is in the heart of town, there have been plenty of wonderful places to eat and buy close outside the gates.

Find the Perfect Destinations in Cardiff, Wales!

Cardiff has several must-see destinations that can keep you on the loop. Moreover, you can also get exposure to some of the country’s top stadiums, ancient castles, and arcades. In the past, Cardiff has hosted a few films and legendary BBC moments while still retaining its history and culture.

Cardiff is home to the best film production sites and of course, has had its fair share of reputation. From the gorgeous Cardiff University’s convention center being utilized as a landscape for Sherlock to the Torchwood team making use of Cardiff Bay, there’s something for everyone to see in this well-developed city with modern renovations and vintages values!


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