What examples are there of fantastic marketing video from Wales?

Several businesses have recently invested in developing a range of unique and distinctive marketing videos to promote Wales throughout the world. They succeeded by integrating expertise, knowledge, and dedication to generate the most innovative Welsh marketing films while also harnessing the possibilities of a variety of content creators.

There’s no denying the fact that marketing videos are among the most efficient methods for companies to market products online. But did you know that this only succeeds when combined with a well-planned content marketing strategy? Well, what’s next and how will your proceed further?

So, if you’re planning a video advertising campaign, keep in mind that businesses make use of suck significant clips to raise buzz, interest, and desire at various points of the consumer journey. In short, this approach eventually leads to huge sales by a large number of people.

Such video marketers make sure to showcase the areas where Wales thrives, such as adventure, sightseeing, family trips, art, sport, start-ups, businessmen, technology, and business. Such marketing videos include animations, graphics, listicles, and other statistics. Their goal actually is to develop engaging material that would enhance people’s attention and encourage them to stop scrolling – And instead, read, mark, and of course share it.

What Makes Marketing Videos So Impactful?

It can be simply said that people enjoy watching videos, and that’s it – to put it frankly. These marketing videos are simple to understand and transmit information in a more exciting and timely manner. With the incorporation of music and pictures, marketing videos can better engage the target audience, retaining their attention and generating interest.

People are so used to watching videos on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. On the other hand, they have been engaging in Zoom and Skype sessions, hence they expect to see videos while looking for your goods and services. And that’s when marketing videos can help you to get the leads and of course, better conversions!

Examples of Welsh Marketing Videos from brands

Several kinds of videos are there that you may create and use in your sales pitch. The most effective video ad campaigns generate more than simply traffic and lead. It assists your sales associates to manage their product lifecycle and close more transactions by displaying your company’s culture.

    • Guinness – The Purse

It’s the narrative of two Welsh siblings and the quest to see the Six Nations rugby competition. and they’re reaffirming their position as the most popular among rugby fans. The Purse illustrates a rugby-loving mother leaves behind a one-of-a-kind legacy after her death.

‘The Purse’ is based on the actual tale of Gareth and David Rees, who chase after the Guinness Six Nations to honor their late mother Olive. The commercial shows the two brothers grieving over their mother but in a beautiful, emotional way. Most importantly, this content shows them celebrating her life by giving in all that they have to offer.

  • Hafod Hardware Christmas Advert 2019

A small retailer in Wales had released an attractive and cost-effective Christmas commercial that has been compared to John Lewis’ iconic seasonal advertising. Hafod Hardware has garnered a shower of heartfelt appreciation when its owners shared their Christmas advertisement on social media.

After entering the shop, Arthur joyfully goes about his responsibilities, which include sweeping, polishing the counter, and stocking shelves, as Andrea von Kampen’s cover of “Forever Young” plays in the background. The commercial closes with Arthur closing up shop for the night and getting ready to go home when a Christmas tree emerges on screen.

They have touched the hearts of several people all around Wales and of course, the UK. The only difference is that – while the UK retailers spend a considerable fortune advertising business, the Elan Valley business has developed this beautiful commercial that refocus the festive season on basic delights with family. This is all about the basic aspects of giving, and society; things that Christmas is truly about.

  • Winter in Wales

This video content is captured and surrounded by several scenic riversides, cold temperatures, stone-walled houses, mountains, and castle ruins. It’s all about thrilling excursions with friends in breathtaking locations, and, of course, how could you not enjoy winter in Wales?

This video shows Wales as being rich in beautiful landcapes and gorgeous chilly-cool ambience. The lush forests are transformed into magical highlands that are reminiscent of ancient fairytales, with lichen, ferns, and moss. Moreover, this marketing video makes it obvious that why Wales has been entitled as one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

  • The Beauty of WALES!

This video takes you to the Welsh countryside to see some stunning backdrop. The “Beauty of Wales” demonstrates that Wales has magnificent places for literally everyone to enjoy.

On the other hand, mysterious beaches, exceptional communities, large national parks, and glorious mountain ranges abound throughout Wales. This video highlights that the beauty of Wales is not to be missed whether you’re visiting for the first time. There are several activities and plentiful adventures out there for those who are courageous and energetic.

With huge lush green valleys, rough coastline, well-maintained castles, and postcard-pretty market towns, Wales packs a lot of beauty into a comparatively small area of territory. This great Welsh maketing video shows that there are innumerable greens, stunning landscapes, and a structure of vintage trains to explore.

Integrate Marketing Videos into Your Business Strategy

As you could see from the examples above, video content promotions do have a lot of power. This is so because videos will surely enhance your marketing efforts. This is not just a visually appealing marketing endeavor, but it is also a medium with deep impacts on the human brain.

If you’d like to start incorporating videos into your promotional campaigns or improve your present efforts, please contact right now to get this started. We have a lot of experience with B2B streaming videos, animated videos, 2D and 3D videos and what not. Not only do we have the skills and know-how to develop truly inspirational video content, but we also know how to advertise it successfully so that you can reach that success point within no time!


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