Why produce an animated video for medical purposes?

We were delighted to produce a medical video for Cardiff University. It was a brilliant use of animation and reminded us why producing an animated video for a medical device can be such a brilliant tool.

Animation can act as an educational tool. It can effectively convex complex information about the device’s functionality in simple and clear form. It can really be of benefit to healthcare professionals, patients, and the wider audience. The animated form can also simplify comprehension, particularly for intricate or innovative medical devices, making it easier for viewers (medical and non-medical audiences) to grasp complex concepts.

Crucially, these videos are important for safety and compliance. They emphasise proper usage, maintenance, and safety precautions, helping reduce the risk of misuse or injury. They also can help ensure adherence to regulatory standards and that users understand how to operate the device correctly which is paramount in the medical field.

Business-wise, animated videos are a powerful marketing and promotional asset for medical companies. They can highlight a medical device’s unique features, competitive advantages, and benefits in a visually engaging manner that is accessible. This can set a device apart in a competitive market, attracting healthcare professionals and potential customers while reinforcing patient confidence and adherence.

For Cardiff University, we illustrated a medical procedure using animation and it’s been such a great tool for them. If you’re looking for your next animated video to be made, get in touch!